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Dental Health

Dental Health

Did you know that your pet’s dental health is just as important as yours?

Poor dental health can lead to heart, lung, and kidney disease.  That is why at SMVC, we feel it is important to educate our clients on proper dental hygiene for their pets.  This starts with care at home.  Regularly brushing their teeth along with veterinary check-ups can help ensure that your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life.

Once at our office, our doctors will perform an oral exam.  During an oral exam, our doctors are looking for deciduous (baby), missing, broken, or extra teeth, any abnormalities such as swelling or masses, and the accumulation of plaque or tarter, and periodontal disease.  If any is noted, a dental cleaning may be recommended.

A radiograph may be recommended at the time of the cleaning, to assist the doctor in his examination.  The radiograph allows the doctor to see parts of the mouth that are not visible during the exam.

To ensure proper scaling and polishing, and for the safety of the staff and your pet, all dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia.