Our Services



The doctors at Southern Maine Veterinary Care are equipped to perform routine elective surgeries like spays and neuters, along with various soft tissue procedures and some emergency surgeries.  Each patient is carefully monitored by our trained technical staff, with a hands on approach and with the assistance of state of the art monitoring equipment. Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and EKG, are just some examples of what our staff is trained to monitor and respond to.

Each patient is examined and a specific anesthetic protocol is chosen, based on age, breed, mentality, and procedure.  Pre-anesthetic blood work is performed to ensure that organs such as the liver and kidneys are functioning properly, and that white and red blood cells are adequate.  In most cases, intravenous catheterization with intravenous fluids is recommended to ensure that the patient stays properly hydrated, and that their blood pressure is maintained within a normal range.

Some examples of surgeries performed by our doctors at SMVC are:


Soft Tissue Mass Removals

Eye Lid Mass Removals


Abdominal Exploratories


In some cases our doctors will refer your pet to a board certified surgeon for the procedure needed.  For most procedures referred out, the surgeon will come to our hospital to perform the surgery, but for others you may need to be referred to a speciality hospital.